About Me

My Background

After my apprenticeship I studied electronics in Germany. During my twenty years in Asia I grew several businesses in the Automation space and worked for Hedge Funds in R&D. My interest in science pushed me into AI where I build a couple of cool applications and setup my electronics lab to pursue my interests in developing and building cool systems for audio and other applications. I noticed the need for troubleshooting and repair of electronic equipment’s which inspired me to follow that path more professionally.

What I do

Most inquiries for troubleshooting, repair, or rebuild come from the audio space: Amplifiers (tube & solid-state), Radio Receivers, CD Players, Instrument Amplifiers, School PA Systems, Keyboard Main Boards, Speakers, … I will advice my client if a repair is feasable and if the time and cost involved justifies the cause. Besides troubleshooting faulty equipment I have been doing modifications/upgrades, new developments, installations.

My Team

I am presently working alone from home, but I am always interested to get to know people with special skills e.g. electronics or software. Please contact me if you are likely minded.

My Suppliers

I only use high quality components for audio repairs

There are some of my partners and customers, who are very satisfied with my work. Do you want to be next one ?