Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror combines IO activated information to be shown e.g. bus arrival times... It allows home automation via Alexa and Node-Red.

Electronic Sniffer Probe

The Electronic Sniffer Probe is a versatile tool to track oscillators or other EMV sources e.g. power lines or listening devices

IO activated Infinity Mirror

The Infinity Mirror uses a vintage ship pot hole as a housing and combines it with high-tech IO activated circuity. It will for example flash in red light when Arsenal scores a goal, or turn blue if it rains somewhere in Singapore

Radio Refurbishment

This project comprised of the re-capping of the radio and its alignement (tuning). I have done many such projects for AM and FM receivers to maintain their proper functionality for many year ahead. In addition to the restauration or refurbishment I cacn upgrade them to use Bluetooth.

SW receiver I pickted up at Ebay

This Trio 9R-59DS is a well known shortwave receive. I repaired the unit and aligned it properly.

Phone Pre-Amplifier/Receiver

This Pioneer unit was very well build in its time and it was a pleasure to clean it up and to get rid of some minor cracking issues

Krell 300 High End Power Amplifier

I did a full restoration on this unit including of full re-capping and troubleshooting. Due to its weight and complexity a very demanding job.

Digital Music Streamer

I build this unit myself using Raspberry Pi-3 and HifiBerry D/A boards. It also houses a NAS and a touch screen display. The unit is able to play content from Streaming Services as well as e.g. YouTube, or TV

Various repairs on Boards

Over time I troubleshooted many boards, from motorcycle cockpits, CD players, Keyboard boards ... I prefer jobs where I am able to find a schematic online to allow more efficentcy

My Suppliers

I only use high quality components for audio repairs

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